The temple of the Sacred texts
Guruji's Vision (The Dharma Grantha Mandir)

Guruji created Punyasthala to cater to the spiritual needs of mankind .Punyasthala is beyond religion; it highlights the true values of human life, discipline, honesty, truth, compassion, and mutual respect that forms the core content of the sacred texts of all religions. Way back in 1977 Guruji had foreseen globalization and prepared to cater to the spiritual needs of the future generation.

In order to accord the same respect to all religions, Guruji carefully researched and exchanged dialogues with leaders from all religious communities and then created a divine atmosphere of exchange and experience of universal brotherhood; which is beyond caste, creed, color, and religion.

Guruji reached out to the quest of the human soul/mind and its journey to the final abode of rest. He embodied unconditional love and compassion to all indiscriminately. With the skill of an artist, he created The Temple of the Sacred Texts. Here Guruji houses the knowledge components that form the core of all religions.

The Grantha Mandira pays tribute to this knowledge in the holy texts of different religions.

The Bhagavat Geeta was enshrined (holy text of the Hindus, taught globally) for its contemporary thoughts by the Swami Harshananda of the Ramakrishna mission.

The Holy Biblewas enshrined by Arch Bishop Pinto with a
special word of blessing from the
Pope John Paul.

The Guru Grantha Sahib ( the religious
text of the Sikh community) was especially gifted
to Guruji from the Golden Temple at Amritsar.

The Quran, in Arabic was enshrined by Janab mufti Mohammed Ashraf Ali of the college of Islamic Studies.

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The Mahapurana the sacred book of the Jains is enshrined by Ven. Charu kirti Bhattaraka of Shravanabelegola here.

On April 27 1993, the respective religious heads of Karnataka came together and ceremoniously enshrined with equal dignity the Sacred Texts to project Knowledge as the pathway to the future. In January 2008 His Holiness the Dalai Lama kindly gifted the Ashram 2 specially selected texts to represent Buddhism. From 1977 onward Guruji relentlessly spread the message of Universal Compassion and Interdependence for a healthy society. Guruji's vision about the infinity and continuity of religion is unique. This reflects on the past present and future of religion. The design of the Granth Mandir depicts the infinity of religion.