Ashram School

Raghavendra Gurukula Vidyapitha

In 1975, to promote the cause of Oriental education he established Shri Raghavendra Gurukula Vidyapeeta along with college for physical education and Teachers training. Oriental education was Guruji's passion; even to this day Raghavendra Gurukula Vidyapeeta provides education to the economically disadvantaged children of all communities irrespective of caste and creed. Both Sanskrit and computer education is given simultaneously from class 1 to 10. Special emphasis is on english language skills.

The School & Children

  • Shri Ragavendra Gurukula Vidyapeeta
  • Estd. - 1974
  • Founder Shri Raghavendra Guruji
  • No. of Students 400
  • Highlights - Sanskrit Education from Class I - X
  • Computer Education from LKG to Class X