Convention of Inter-religious Exchange – Bharatiya Dharma Sammelana

1977 -1st Convention on Interfaith and Mahayagna in Punyasthala‚


Inaguration of Dharma Sammelana 1977
      • First programme was spread over 10 days from 20th January to 29th January 1977
      • A new township was built for the purpose

      • Around 500 religious heads from all religion participated in the convention
      • Over four thousand mass marriages conducted;
      • Two thousand priests participated in ritual conducted for LOKA KALYAN AND VISHWA SHANTI.


      1. 2000 cooks provided food to over 25lakh people for 10 days.



(All religious leaders including Arch Bishop Arogya Swami and Moulavi Bhasheed Ahmed from Delhi participated)

From 1978onwards Guruji travelled all over South India invited different religious leaders on the same platform to exchange educate and share the tenets of their respective religions with thousands of people for a MEANINGFUL AND HARMANIOUS LIFE;

1978-Interfaith Convention was held at Tadas (Dharwad), Reverend Kol a Christian priest was felicitated.

1979-Interfaith Convention was held at Bangalore
1980– Interfaith Convention was held at Chikamagalur
1981– Interfaith Convention was held at Chitradurga

1982– Interfaith Convention was held at Arasikere

1983- Interfaith Convention was held at Mandya

1984– Interfaith Convention was held at Belgaum
1985- Interfaith Convention was held at Mysore

1986– Interfaith Convention was held at Sirsi

1987– Interfaith Convention was held at Madapura (Kodagu)

1988- Shahazada Sabha Bhavan was inaugurated by Guruji in the presence of religious leaders and scholars for interfaith conferences

1989-1997– Interfaith Convention was held at Punyasthala Shahazada Mantapa hosted the Interfaith religious conferences every year under the banner of Dharma parishad
Dharma Parishad felicitated prominent people from all walks of life religion, medicine, sports, art, literature, etc

Every year oath was taken by all present in the conferences about Universal Love compassion and brotherhood – this ceremony was called Dharma Jyoti Pradana

Dharma Jyoti Geete was composed by Guruji in Kanada language to sensitize the audience of the One-ness preached and practiced by all religion.


From 2007 onwards Punyasthala has celebrated all festivals related to the religions at Ashram with active participation of the 500 0r more rural school children.

2009 Janab. Z.U. Haq from Jama Masjid New Delhi visited ashram and offered prayers to the holy Quran.

2010 Buddhist priests from Nichiren Shoshu Taisekiji Japan enshrined The Gohonzon – dedicating it to World peace;


2011 October 17 All Religion Conference was revived at the Shahazada Mantap and was attended by many christian, muslim, sikh Buddhist, and hindu practioners, The Bhagavat Geeta The Bible, the Mahapurana the Guru grantha sahib and the Holy Quran was read out and explained to the audience; this was followed by Dharma Jyoti Pradana and Dharma Jyoti Geete composed by Guruji.

Between November 2011 and February 2012Ashram was proud to host two Senior Tibetan lamas for spiritual retreat.

All Guests are taken for a visit to our school and introduced to our school children for interaction – this helps to broaden their vision and mould the future generation and prepare the children for acceptance and mutual respect of all religion.